Sustainability Leadership

In line with National Net Zero commitments and developments in the UAE, and as urban populations grow, it is important to ensure that urban centers are equipped to meet the needs of residents in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable for generations to come.

Our program, Sustainability in the Built Environment, delves into contemporary methods of developing urban spaces that uphold sustainability on environmental, economic, and social fronts.

Through lectures, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will gain an understanding of the complex systems that make up a city and the strategies needed to create more sustainable urban environments.

This program covers the key components of urban sustainability, through the following specializations: energy, waste, water, food, products and materials, and mobility management.


key benefits

Identify key sustainability challenges, opportunities and risks, and design and implement effective sustainability strategies.

Advance your career in sustainability leadership roles by learning from our international, award-winning faculty and expert instructors.

Lead sustainability initiatives, engage stakeholders, and apply a systems thinking approach to problem-solving.

Advance professionally, enhance competence, increase credibility, receive recognition for achievements, and ultimately achieve career goals.


Achieve a certificate from SEE Institute, the first hub for sustainability in the Middle East, which is licensed by KHDA.


Courses in this program will equip you with knowledge to advance the following SDGs

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