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The region’s first education provider fully dedicated to developing actionable skills & knowledge in the sustainability field. We empower learners with practical tools necessary to drive positive change and create a sustainable future.​


Bridging the Sustainability Knowledge Gap

Understanding Gap: 
Fundamental lack of understanding and urgency in sustainability matters.

Theory vs. Practice:
The divide between academic theory and practical application in industry.

Comprehensive Mastery Needed:
Seeking a pathway to master all aspects of sustainability. 

Net Zero Target: 
Challenges in setting, pursuing, and achieving net zero carbon emissions amidst business operations


SEE Institute's Experiential
Learning Programs 

SEE 101: 
Foundation in the Social, Economic, and Environmental dimensions of sustainability.

FEWPMW Framework:
Extensive focus on key domains including Food, Energy, Water, Products, Mobility, and Waste.

Specialized Courses:
Providing depth and practical skills in each sustainability domain. 

Roadmap to Net Zero:
Crafting a strategic and actionable plan to reduce carbon footprint and achieve net zero emissions.


Impact and Mastery of Sustainability

Actionable Understanding: 
Deep, practical knowledge of sustainability ready to be applied in professional settings.

Real-World Application:
Bringing the gap between learning and practical implementation of sustainable solutions. 

Leadership in Innovation:
Empowering leaders to drive positive organizational and societal change. 

Reaching Net Zero:
Accelerating the journey towards net zero emissions trough informed strategies and actions. 

professional education

Our programs provide a comprehensive education in sustainability, available for professionals, corporations and fresh graduates in both online and blended learning mode. They collectively foster a spirit of learning and translate practical information into sustainable living, with economic, environmental and social benefits.

Public and private sector organizations will face growing knowledge and skills challenges on their road to sustainability and will therefore require relevant training. The main goal of SEE Institute is to help these organizations and individuals to bridge that gap through our capacity-building programs.

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We are the region's
first education provider
fully dedicated to


our programs

Programs focusing on sustainability in the built environment also incorporate the practical experience of engineers and other experts who built sustainable communities in the region. In collaboration with global sustainability experts, we created a portfolio of professional education courses focused on preparing and empowering professionals for a variety of employment opportunities in the sustainability sphere.


Sustainability in the Built Environment PROGRAM

This program covers the key components of urban sustainability, through the following specializations: energy, waste, water, food, products and materials, and mobility management.



Sustainability Leadership PROGRAM

This program is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies necessary to lead organizations towards a sustainable future. The program is based on a multidisciplinary approach, drawing from various fields such as finance, corporate sustainability, climate change, digitalization, and sustainability across different sectors.


bespoke programs

We collaborate closely with clients to design and deliver training programs that align with their sustainability objectives and training needs. Whether it’s enhancing employees’ sustainability knowledge, implementing effective sustainability practices, or developing leadership skills in the field, we create tailored training solutions that meet our clients’ requirements. The educational outcomes directly support our clients’ overarching sustainability plans, enhancing their capacity to implement ecofriendly initiatives, and foster a culture of sustainability within their organizations.
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Sustainability in the Built Environment

This program covers the key components of urban sustainability, through the following specializations: energy, waste, water, food, products and materials, and mobility management.


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bespoke programs

SEE Institute, in collaboration with global sustainability experts, offers bespoke training to help organizations become more sustainable.
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Discover our certifications

Enroll in our professional education courses & take your career to the next level

Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of a single course in any of our programs, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate demonstrates sustainability competencies in the specific subject matter as well as key concepts and practices.
1 course
certificate of achievement

Executive Certificate

Executive Certificate in the Chosen Specialization of Sustainability in the Built Environment

This certificate showcases in-depth expertise in specific areas of sustainable built environment practices. Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of and practical skills to address complex challenges in their chosen specialization. Simply select and complete 3 courses within one specialization and one elective course from any other specialization.

3 courses

in a selected specialization

+1 course

in any other specialization
executive certificate in the chosen specialization

Executive Certificate in Sustainability Leadership

This certificate attests to an advanced understanding of select areas within Sustainability Leadership. Participants who successfully complete four courses from the Sustainability Leadership program will not only enhance their professional competencies but will also be awarded the Executive Certificate in Sustainability Leadership.

Any 4 courses

from Sustainability Leadership Program
executive certificate in sustainability leadership

Certified Sustainability Expert – Urban Developments

The highest level of certification represents mastery in sustainable urban development arena. Participants will gain specialized knowledge, refine their skills, and stand out as experts in their field, capable of leading and driving transformative changes in urban sustainability initiatives.

Complete the following courses

Sustainable Urban Food Management

Designing and Managing Energy- Efficient Developments

Water Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Products and Materials in Sustainable Urban Developments

Mobility Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Waste Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Urban Planning & Sustainability

certified sustainability expert in urban developments

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SEE Institute is on the lookout for outstanding instructors. Our goal is to build an iconic team of faculty members, always forward looking, with the most up-to-date knowledge in the field.

If you would like to join a diversified group of academics and subject matter experts who are committed to playing their part in creating a better future for our planet, submit your application and wait to hear from us.

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