As urban populations continue to grow, transportation-related issues are becoming increasingly complex and urgent. This specialization offers an in-depth analysis of the challenges facing urban mobility, focusing on transportation revolutions such as shared mobility and electrification.

Through this specialization, participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to plan, design, and implement sustainable transportation strategies in urban areas. By exploring cutting-edge approaches to urban mobility, participants will be equipped to navigate the unprecedented changes that are transforming transportation in cities of all sizes.

Upon completion, participants will be prepared to address the transportation-related challenges facing their communities and make a positive impact on the sustainability and livability of urban environments.


key takeaways

Analyze and collect data related to transportation and mobility to inform planning and decision-making.

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices of sustainable transportation and mobility management.

Harness knowledge of sustainable urban planning and design and learn how to integrate transportation solutions into urban development plans.

Understand how to engage with stakeholders, including policymakers, community groups, and businesses, to develop sustainable transportation solutions.


Achieve a certificate from SEE Institute, the first hub for sustainability in the Middle East, which is licensed by KHDA.

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