Sustainability in the Built Environment

In line with national net zero commitments and developments in the UAE, and as urban populations grow, it is important to ensure that urban centers are equipped to meet the needs of residents in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable for generations to come.
Our program, Sustainability in the Built Environment, delves into contemporary methods of developing urban spaces that uphold sustainability on environmental, economic, and social fronts.

Through lectures, case studies, and interactive discussions, participants will gain an understanding of the complex systems that make up a city and the strategies needed to create more sustainable urban environments.This program covers the key components of urban sustainability, through the following specializations: energy, waste, water, food, products and materials, and mobility management.

Specializations & Courses

key benefits

Advance your career by positioning yourself as a leader of sustainable change.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of different aspects of sustainability in the built environment.

Design ways to align businesses with sustainability targets.

Evaluate mitigation policies, initiatives, and targets to support UAE agendas at COP28 and beyond.

Sustainability in the Built Environment

Specializations & Courses


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Certificate of Achievement

Upon successful completion of a single course in any of our programs, participants will be awarded a Certificate of Achievement. This certificate demonstrates sustainability competencies in the specific subject matter as well as key concepts and practices.
1 course
certificate of achievement

Executive Certificate

Executive Certificate in the Chosen Specialization of Sustainability in the Built Environment

This certificate showcases in-depth expertise in specific areas of sustainable built environment practices. Participants will acquire a deeper understanding of and practical skills to address complex challenges in their chosen specialization. Simply select and complete 3 courses within one specialization and one elective course from any other specialization.

3 courses

in a selected specialization

+1 course

in any other specialization
executive certificate in the chosen specialization

Certified Sustainability Expert – Urban Developments

The highest level of certification represents mastery in sustainable urban development arena. Participants will gain specialized knowledge, refine their skills, and stand out as experts in their field, capable of leading and driving transformative changes in urban sustainability initiatives.

Complete the following courses

Sustainable Urban Food Management

Designing and Managing Energy- Efficient Developments

Water Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Products and Materials in Sustainable Urban Developments

Mobility Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Waste Management in Sustainable Urban Developments

Urban Planning & Sustainability

certified sustainability expert in urban developments


Courses in this program will equip you with knowledge to advance the following SDGs

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