Be Mindful: Building a Cleaner Tomorrow Together!

Sustainable Waste Management Workshop: Strategies for a Cleaner Tomorrow  


December 6th 2023

01:30 PM – 02:30 PM

Greening Education Hub, COP28 Green Zone, Expo City, Dubai 


Join our Sustainable Waste Management Workshop and explore innovative strategies for a cleaner and greener future. Discover actionable insights, best practices, and practical solutions to contribute towards a more sustainable tomorrow.  

During this engaging workshop, we will focus on waste segregation, collection, and reduction. Learn how individuals, communities, and businesses can drive change through making simple but impactful decisions.  

Let's build a waste-free world together! 

who should attend

Professionals in various disciplines interested in sustainable waste management 

Sustainability enthusiasts

Conscious consumers 

Students and Academics 

Professionals from industries such as food, transportation, real estate, and waste management 

Professionals working in the Built Environment

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Objectives of the discussion

This workshop aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on sustainable waste management practices, ensuring participants gain a comprehensive understanding of current trends, challenges, and solutions. Highlight and discuss successful case studies and best practices, promoting the adoption of proven strategies for sustainable waste management. 

Emphasize the importance of community involvement and public awareness in waste management, encouraging participants to develop strategies that resonate with local communities. 

Ultimately, provide participants with actionable takeaways and implementation plans, ensuring they leave the workshop equipped to make a positive impact on waste management in their respective spheres. 

Let’s reduce, reuse, recycle: our keys to a sustainable future! 

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01:30 – 01:35 PM

Opening remarks  

Dr. Jacinta Dsilva

01:35 – 02:20 PM

Sustainable Waste Management Workshop: Strategies for a Cleaner Tomorrow 

Enas Sobhy Ali

02:20 – 02:30 PM

Question and answer session 

Enas Sobhy Ali


Dr. Jacinta Dsilva
Research Director


Enas Sobhy Ali

Envirocare / CSR Manager, Tadweer Waste Treatment LLC


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