E-Waste Treatment and Recovery

Manage e-waste effectively, promote sustainable e-waste management practices, and contribute to the circular economy with this innovative course. Gain a thorough understanding of e-waste management principles, including environmental and health hazards, regulations, and policy framework while acquiring the practical skills and insights to make a positive impact on the world of electronic waste.
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7 goal affordable and clean energy
9 goal industry innovation and infrastructure
11 goal sustainable cities and communities
13 goal climate action


April 30, 2023


6 weeks or customized

Delivery Method

Blended or customized + VR*


Experience the future of learning in our metaverse classroom, powered by VR

Why choose this course?

Position yourself at the forefront of a rapidly-evolving industry

Network with your industry peers globally

Drive policy change and transition towards sustainable e-waste management

Gain a competitive edge in your industry

Foster creativity and promote innovation in your organization

Identify investment opportunities and capitalize on emerging trends

Explore the latest e-waste management strategies and technologies

Master design & implementation of e-waste management solutions

Support UAE and global agendas at COP28 and beyond

course topics

Gain knowledge and acquire new skills in E-Waste Treatment and Recovery through the following modules:

Introduction to E-Waste Treatment and Recovery
E-Waste Collection and Transportation

E-Waste Sorting and Processing

Waste as a Design Flaw
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key takeaways

On successful completion of this unit a participant should be able to:

Define what e-waste is and its classification

Analyze waste management principles, including environmental and health hazards, regulations, and policy frameworks.

Evaluate the relationship between smart product design and efficient recycling and reproduction of EEE (electrical and electronic equipment)

Develop an e-waste management plan for a specific urban development or industry, including collection, transportation, sorting, processing, and recovery strategies

Be able to apply SEE Integrated Systems Thinking™ to exploring and developing effective solutions in a range of complex contexts.

who is this course for?

Environmental engineers, Process engineers, Civil engineers, Project engineers, Sustainability Specialists / Engineers / Consultants

Entry and mid-level managers of programs and systems serving local governments and other industry professionals

Real estate developers and their employees

Government agencies responsible for environmental regulations and policy development

Industry analysts and investors interested in the renewable and sustainable energy field

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course instructors

SEE Institute courses are created and delivered by the leading industry and education experts, who are at the forefront of sustainable change.   

Our faculty comprises experienced engineers who possess practical knowledge and skills for creating sustainable cities and are making headlines with their innovative perspectives.

By joining us, participants have the unique opportunity to learn from and network with our experts, gaining valuable insights and connections that can benefit their personal and professional growth.

Katarina Mladenovic

Program Manager

Katarina Mlandenovic is our experienced Program Manager responsible for continuously evolving our curriculum to anticipate future developments and innovation. She works closely with leading experts to expose students to diverse perspectives and uses unique innovation frameworks and strategies to help students move from concept to action, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. Go from ‘thinking' to 'doing' with Katarina's guidance and expertise. She manages programs with world-class faculty to provide students with the highest quality education.

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