circular economy

Join the UAE's mission to lead the world in sustainability and be part of the circular economy revolution ahead of COP28. Enroll in our course now to get ready for the world's biggest climate change event by establishing yourself as a sustainability leader.
start date
Enroll by the end of March
spring 2023
7 goal affordable and clean energy
9 goal industry innovation and infrastructure
11 goal sustainable cities and communities
13 goal climate action

Delivery Method

Hybrid - face to face & immersive*


8 / 4 / 2 weeks or customized

Class Timing



Innovative learning experience in the metaverse, supported by our cutting edge AR & VR technologies

Why choose this course?

business / governments

Position your organization ahead of COP28 as an advocate at the forefront of sustainable innovation
Lead the shift towards a circular model within your company and take action before COP28
Reinvent your organization guided by net zero initiatives that are in line with the vision of COP28
Enhance your organization›s meaningful involvement at COP28 by adopting ESG practices

Contribute to the realisation of your organization's shift to a circular model in anticipation of COP28 by continuous improvement in sustainable business practices and ops



Lead the sustainable change in anticipation of COP28

Champion Circular Economy initiatives in line with COP28 within your organization
Garner skills necessary for the swift uptake of a circular model - focused on sustainability and climate action
Upgrade your knowledge for a career in emerging industries focused on combating climate change through Circular Economy

course topics

Apply your newly acquired skills and knowledge meaningfully and develop your understanding of the current climate crisis and implementation of Circular Economy through the following modules:

Introduction to sustainability and definition of Circular Economy

key takeaways

On successful completion of this unit a participant should be able to:
Develop a vocabulary and vision for building a sustainable business culture
Evaluate enablers and barriers to Circular Economy transition

Explore how Circular Economy contributes to sustainability at different levels

Analyze readiness for COP28 and need for transitioning to Circular Economy
Design new business models ahead of COP28 that decouple value creation from resource consumption
Apply tools and models for Circular Economy implementation to confidently discuss at COP28

who is this course for?

Governments and public sector professionals who will implement and champion sustainable business practices in the UAE
Corporate decision-makers such as executives, research & development personnel, project managers and start-up entrepreneurs  
Broader audience seeking to pioneer, catalyze, and innovate sustainability efforts in their industries
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course instructors

SEE Institute faculty are thought leaders in their industry who are at the forefront of sustainable change with ingenuity and innovation at the core of what they do, who are seeking to empower students with the skillset necessary to excel at COP28.

Julija Metic


Julija Metic is a PhD Researcher passionate about innovation, learning and creating more sustainable, efficient solutions for the environment. With interdisciplinary geographical research skills, in-depth knowledge of sustainable product development, design for Circular Economy and vast educational experience analysing and optimising products, processes, and business. Great experience in consulting, product development and managing projects as a Sustainability Specialist. Studied abroad and worked in several multi-international companies with a high level of communication skills, stakeholder engagement and management.

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