This professional specialization focuses on the intersections between food management, sustainable cities, urban productive landscaping, and vertical farming. Participants will learn about the principles of sustainable urban agriculture, including the design and implementation of urban farming systems, the management of urban food waste, and the use of technology in vertical farming. Participants will also explore the role of urban agriculture in creating more sustainable and resilient urban environments.

A comprehensive understanding of food management in sustainable cities, urban productive landscaping, and vertical farming, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to design, implement, and manage urban agriculture projects.


key takeaways

Understand the importance of sustainable urban agriculture.

Discover food management strategies such as regulation of food waste, composting, and local food systems.

Design urban farming systems that are efficient and sustainable, including hydroponics and aquaponics.

Explore the role of urban agriculture in communities, including the development of local food systems.

Develop skills in the evaluation of urban agriculture projects, including the social, economic, and environmental impacts.

Utilize urban farming technology to optimize production, reduce resource use, and increase efficiency.

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